The Letter “T”




You`d better let me open the letter.



Let her get a better water heater.



Betty ought to write a better letter.



Put it in a bottle.





There was a time when people really had a way with words. They said and did what they could, so that each little thing would then be made good and clear, both at home and all over the world. They knew that it was very important to use a few short words, because most of the long ones were too hard for them. The only other thing about words is the number of school children who are called names even if they know how to say something right, but can`t find a way to use it in sentence.

The letter “A”

イギリスのReceived Pronunciation (RP) =クイーンズイングリッシュは上流階級的発音で、“a”を長めに発音します。一方、General American (GA) は短く発音します。



aunt, path, dance, laugh, glass, grass


My aunt can dance well.



Your laugh could break a glass.



The path winds through the grass.



ほとんどの日本人はGAの短い“a”の発音をしています。もしイギリス上流階級の人々のように発音したい場合は、RPの長い“a”の発音をしてみてください。でも中には、cant (隠語)やgrand(気取った)など“a”を長く発音しない単語もあるので注意してください。




英:what herbs do you usually cook with?

米:I use oregano, basil and paprika. I don`t use many herbs.